Pre-Release Test Flight Putters (Signed)

Out of stock. Please visit @ 12PM EST for the full Test Flight Release. Plenty to go around!

These are a pre-release version of the new putter I helped design with Discraft. Things may change!
Full Test Flight release available on on Black Friday. These will feature a different stamp and will not come with signature.


These literally just came off the machine and I hand picked the prettiest swirly ones myself. All are stamped with the prism silver foil. They are all hand signed and numbered. We are still working on a name, plastic type, and making sure this is perfect, but we wanted to give some of you a chance to be right here with us in the first stages of the putter of my dreams. The flight is deadly straight with lots of glide. I also designed it to where it will feel good in everyones hand no matter how your grip is positioned.