Disc Golf Tourist

One day Alyssa Van Lanen and I were reflecting about all the beautiful places disc golf has taken us in our lives. We realized this is a common thing, everyone travels to some extent. If you are a disc golfer, it may even be the reason you are traveling. We have a goal of growing awareness that the sport is driving tourism into cities all across the world, but also we want to showcase the best places to go get a disc golf vacation! Join us in our travel vlog and get to know us while we explore disc golf destinations and perform ukulele duets.

Nice Line

There are many times you see someone throw a shot you wouldn't have attempted, haven't you ever wondered what they were thinking before, during, and after that shot? I know I have! So in this series I grab a clip of the shot that got me wondering and I sat down with that player after the round. I ask them to explain their thought process and in this we all hopefully learn a little bit about shot selection, which I believe is one of the biggest keys to disc golf.

Inside Look / Tournament Coverage

Every time I make the feature card this season, GKPro and I are teaming up to create videos for you with with all of my shots, but more importantly all of my thoughts, observations, and the Inside Look on what is going through my head in each moment of the biggest tournaments in Disc Golf. Thank you to my Patrons for helping me be able to create this type of content. .