When choosing a disc company to work with I wanted to make sure that first and foremost our goals were aligned. With Discraft I believe we will push each other to think outside the box and brainstorm ways to grow women's disc golf exponentially. This is our biggest goal in this new partnership. They are open to any and all ideas, they do not use the word "no" instead they ask "how?" This is why I believe they have achieved the title of "world leader in disc sports". I am excited to see what I can accomplish with these amazing discs, and also what WE can accomplish through working together.

Grip Eq

From my very first phone call with the ownership I knew this
was a company I wanted to partner with. Between their values and their
product this was a no brainer. They have the best disc golf bag line
up on the market AND all the bags come with a lifetime warranty!
Through our partnership we will be making co branded bags that we will
design together while focusing efforts on giving back to charities.

AV Disc Golf

Alyssa Van Lanen is a photo extraordinaire. She is never content, she is always looking to learn and to do better in every way. This is something I really admire and I strive for myself. She is a content creator that has built my Instagram into a very high quality photo diary that I am able to share with the world. In addition to this we have created a YouTube series together, Disc Golf Tourist. This is a mix of us growing awareness on disc golf destinations around the world and also our travel vlog so you can get to know us. Expect a lot more amazing content thanks to this partnership.

Whale Sacs

My good friend Tina Oakley single handedly started this company. She loves to make things by hand and when she realized there was a demand for a sort of chalk bag to keep hands dry out on the course she quickly put her skills to work on the sewing machine and created a disc golf phenomenon. The whale shape makes it easy to tie the tail part to your bag and keep it close by, brilliant! I use these not only for my sweaty palms but also as a sort of stress ball in between shots when the nerves are high.

Disc Golf Strong

This partnership is essential for my longevity in the sport. We use our bodies in such a unique way that can have negative long lasting effects if we are not proactive. Seth is dedicated to helping me train to become stronger and less prone to injury. On top of all this he is helping with my nutrition, sleep, and mental coaching. I can not thank him enough! If you are planning on signing up for the "inner circle" use the code paige.

OTB Discs

OTB Discs is a company that I am so glad I found to partner with. They are a retailer that seems to support every player and every company. The thing that sets them apart from other online retailers is their disc by disc inventory where they post pics of each disc individually along with posting the flatness and stiffness. I think this above and beyond listing style allows the person looking at the site feel more like they are in the shop and have the disc almost in their hand. One element of our partnership is that we will be collaborating on making special runs of unique plastic type/ molds to bring the OTB/PP fans something special a few times throughout the year! I am excited for you all to see what we have in the works.

Thunderbird Real Food Bar

My partnership with Thunderbird is arguably the most important one I have. As an athlete I need to make sure I am fueling my body with real and healthy foods if I want to be energized and focused on the course. This will also set me up to be involved in the sport at a high level for longer. I am excited to announce that Thunderbird is stepping into the sport big time in 2021 and moving forward. If you are looking for a bar that supports disc golf, is healthy AND tastes great, this is hands down your choice!